About Us

Eat up, folks. This phase won't last forever, so you might as well make the best out of it.

Yes! living in the food capital of central India, people don't eat to live, instead they LIVE TO EAT. Whenever you read any blog or article about Indore, you would surely find food. And with food comes the love, which every Indori wishes to shower up the most. Visit on any random day to the railway station or airport and open any stranger's bag (obviously with permission), you would surely find out a packet or more, puffed with SEV-MIXTURE.

It's pretty obvious even, because everybody loves to gift close ones something from the place they visited and keep the speciality of that place with themselves. And Indore being famous for food and spicy combinations of flavours, the best thing this city offers is (Drum Rolls)NAMKEEN, the mouth watering INDORI NAMKEEN. But as soon as you begin to list down the people whom you wish to gift, it starts to extend on and on. Thus the idea came up, why not to drop down all the namkeen to the city itself, leaving upon the tension for quality, quantity and taste to us and travel hassle-free.

With that idea we planned and made it as a proper model, and shared our vision and ideas with the taste magicians, the manufacturers. And voilà they were even more excited than us, with the statement "Finally love could be delivered to the whole country". That filled us with even more energy to get it done. Finally, the domain was bought up at about 3am, and SEVMIXTURE.COM was born.

Our culture: learn, implement, love and EAT

We regularly solicit feedback from our customers. This helps us understand what we are doing wrong. This feedback is invaluable to us. And we have you, our customers, to thank for taking time off to write back to us. There are times when there are hiccups. It's a learning organization, but we are learning the ropes like our lives depend on it.

Every other day new partnerships are forged - all with the aim of adding more value and TASTE. We encourage customers to let us know of any recipes or namkeen that we can add in our list. We go right ahead and try that by the next time customer logs in, we have an offer for the innovation.

Most importantly, it's a team that has fun at work. It's a team that is close knit. Everyone is on a first name basis and it wouldn't be uncommon to see people exchanging hi-fives on small achievements. Office outings are a regular phenomenon and dancing is a must.

Contact us:
The next time you're in Indore, please visit us. We love to have customers over. We enjoy having a chat over tea and sev, sharing experiences and listing to yours too :).

If you have used our service, you can send us your feedback.

We take feedback very seriously and each mail is a source of learning. Feel free to send in your comments / suggestions by mail we have listed in the contact us section.

If you want to join us, call us and let us know how you would like to add value. There is always place for talent and enthusiasm.

Your stop:
It was nice conversing with you, we do look forward to fill your plates may it be while accompanying your breakfast or lunch to being idle chakna with liquor 😉 because we do love you as a fat kid does to cakes.